Michel Germain5-Pc. Discovery Set For Her, First at Macy's

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Michel Germain 5-Pc. Discovery Set For Her, First at Macy's

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Discover Michel Germain's five most inviting fragrances. Sexual Noir is a mysteriously playful cocktail of daring, sensuous love. Playfully succulent mandarin and sweet strawberries flow into a sensuous palette of mysterious patchouli, exotic pink orchid and deceptively innocent pink sweet flower. Sexual Paris is French seduction without inhibitions. French blackcurrant veiled with sparkling champagne clementine mixes with passionflower and jasmine. Sexual Paris Tendre is tender love with a heady Parisian twist. Gorgeous, tender florals and a caress of Paris's sumptuous champagne fruits swirl with audacious natural oils. Sexual Sugar is spontaneous hugs and sweet kisses. It tempts and teases with a burst of mouthwatering, juicy wildberries and crystallized sugar. Sexual Secret is ultra-flirtatious, sexy and luscious to the core. A flirty, tempting blend of succulent red mandarin and inviting pink mango unfolds to sexy rose, alluring lotus flower and euphoric jasmine.