JOANNA CZECHThe Soothing Kit in Beauty: NA


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JOANNA CZECH The Soothing Kit in Beauty: NA


JOANNA CZECH The Soothing Kit in Beauty: NA Created especially for irritated, sensitive or reactive skin, Joanna has combined her most hydrating and protective products into a curated kit for the most efficacious results. This kit is an excellent option for cold climates.. Kit includes: The Toner, The Soothing Serum, The Balm, The Cleansing Wipes, The Pouch Pocket. The Soothing Kit comes in a clear zipper pouch. Use it to organize products and devices in your handbag or beach bag. It is so helpful when getting through airport security that Joanna refers to it as Heathrow Friendly.. Cruelty free. The Toner (30mL), The Soothing Serum (30mL), The Balm (30mL), The Cleansing Wipes (10 wipes). The Toner: To apply, spray into the palms or close your eyes and spray directly on the face. Use a firm press and release motion to enhance absorption of the product. Should be used day and night after cleansing. Follow with your serum.. The Soothing Serum: Activate 3-4 drops between your palms and apply on to your face, neck and dcollet using a firm press and release motion to ensure the penetration of the product. Use after The Toner, day or night.. The Cream: Gently spread The Cream into the face, neck and dcollet and then use a firm press and release motion. Use day or night, alone or combined with your serums. The Cleansing Wipes: Use the wipe to gently remove make-up from skin. JECF-WU2. 10210. About the designer: