TherabodyTheraFace LED Face Mask


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Therabody TheraFace LED Face Mask

From Neiman Marcus

Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles Improves firmness, facial contour, and sagging/loose skin Improves appearance of skin tone evenness with visible dark spot lightening Improves skin radiance, luminosity, and the overall appearance of healthy skin Improves skin texture and smoothness *Results from a 12week clinical study with 31 subjects and 1x/day use of preprogrammed 9minute treatment using expert clinical grading, subjective perception surveys, and image analysis. Learn more at Product Features LED Treatments Sciencebacked 9minute fullface treatment using 3 types of LED light therapy technologies and 648 LED lights: Red light therapy Reduce fine lines, wrinkles amp; dark spots Red + infrared light therapy Stimulate collagen production amp; firm skin Blue light therapy Fights acne amp; acnecausing bacteria LED light therapy treatments can be personalized by selecting Red, Red + Infrared, or Blue light 3minute treatments to address specific skincare concerns. Vibrating Massage Treatments: 17 QXMicro Motors delivers massaging vibration therapy to key pressure points on the face and scalp to promote relaxation and stress relief. Vibration therapy around the eye area helps boost circulation for a more refreshed look. A 15minute vibrating treatment with no lights helps release facial tension for the ultimate calming massage any time. Ergonomic design for an evenly distributed fullface treatment that can deliver maximum results. Cordless, handsfree design and protective eye shields offer the ability to safely multitask during treatments. The adjustable strap offers a universal, comfortfirst fit. Hardshell design with a smudgeproof matte finish is easy to clean and made to last. FDA Cleared, Class II Medical Device What's Included TheraFace Mask device Removable protective eye shields Display stand USBC charging cable