Christophe Robin8.4 oz. Shade Variation Mask in Golden Blonde


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Christophe Robin 8.4 oz. Shade Variation Mask in Golden Blonde

From Neiman Marcus

Wash your hair with the Brightening shampoo with chamomile and cornflower to reset the hair fiber. Towel dry hair. Apply Shade Variation Mask. Leave in for five to 30 minutes depending on the desired intensity. Rinse thoroughly. Note: for the first application, leave the product on for only five minutes so that you can determine your desired shade. Color will fade in three to five shampoos. Does not cover grays. Precautions:Please perform a 48hour skin test before application to avoid allergy risk. For the first application, please respect the fiveminute processing time to evaluate the result on your hair. Wash your hands immediately after application to avoid coloring your nails. Avoid contact with eyes.