Glo Skin BeautyBeta-Clarity AHA Clarifying Peel Kit


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Glo Skin Beauty Beta-Clarity AHA Clarifying Peel Kit

From Neiman Marcus

Purifying Gel Cleanser sample packette Beta-Clarity Pro 5 Liquid Exfoliant Peel Prep Barrier Balm sample packette Beta-Clarity AHA Clarifying Peel Peel Neutralizer Beta-Clarity BHA Drops Glycolic Applicator (2) Cotton Swabs (3) Gauze Pads Mask Cup (2) Glo Reusable Cotton Rounds Glo Headband Key Ingredients: Powerhouse AHA (alpha hydroxy acid), mandelic acid at 20% delivers robust exfoliating, brightening, and smoothing Salicylic acid: A BHA (beta hydroxy acid) clarifies, clears, and cl.