REVIVE LIGHT THERAPYLux Collection Clinical LED Light Therapy Tool

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REVIVE LIGHT THERAPY Lux Collection Clinical LED Light Therapy Tool

From Nordstrom

What it is: This device uses infrared, red, blue and amber wavelengths for versatile, deep-penetrating light (DPL) skin therapy.Who it's for: Safe and effective for all skin tones.What it does: The reVive Light Therapy® Lux Clinical Device is intended for treatment of wrinkles, acne and inflammation associated with acne. This device features light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that release specific wavelengths to benefit your skin with three distinct settings. Setting one features red, infrared and amber lights for anti-aging. It reduces wrinkles, smoothes fine lines, minimizes sun damage and promotes healing for younger-looking skin with improved texture and tone. Setting features blue and red lights for acne treatment. It treats acne by targeting and destroying the bacteria that cause flare-ups. Setting three features red, infrared, amber and blue light for anti-aging and acne treatment. It saves time by addressing wrinkles and acne all at once. How to use: Fully charge device for two to four hours, then unplug. Wash and dry the treatment area prior to use. Touch the power button to turn device on. Then touch power button to cycle through treatment settings: Wrinkle treatment (red logo), acne treatment (blue logo) and combination treatment (purple logo). Logo color will indicate mode, but LEDs will not come on until they are placed against skin. Place device directly on the skin over the desired treatment area for three minutes. Do not move or wave device across the treatment area. The device will auto shut-off after the completion of 3-minute treatment. Move the device to the next treatment area and repeat steps 3 and 4. To turn off device any time prior to auto shut-off, touch and hold the On/Off button. Includes one silicone massage treatment head, one silicone cleansing treatment head, USB charging cord, power adapter and user guide