REVIVE LIGHT THERAPYLux Collection Lip Care LED Lip Plumping Device

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REVIVE LIGHT THERAPY Lux Collection Lip Care LED Lip Plumping Device

From Nordstrom

What it is: An FDA-cleared lip plumper device that cultivates healthier cells for fuller, more vibrant lips.What it does: This device offers a way to boost vibrancy, increase volume and get rid of lip wrinkles at home by improving lip health from the inside out. The device's wavelengths feature a proven combination of infrared (IR), deep red, red, and amber. Light at these wavelengths penetrates deep into the skin to encourage blood flow to your lips, support healthy collagen and enhance lip color and texture. This safe treatment helps avoid wrinkles around the lips and mouth and improves existing lines. Includes removable mouth tray, storage bag, power adapter, USB charging cord and user guide