epi.logicepi. logic Eye Contact 360 Night Repair Cream

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epi.logic epi. logic Eye Contact 360 Night Repair Cream

From Nordstrom

What it is: A brightening eye cream formulated with time-release encapsulated retinol and potent peptides to visibly firm and actively brighten overnight.What it does: Time-release retinol, brightening antioxidants, peptides and supple hydrators target dark circles, elasticity and fine lines for an all-in-one solution to tackling eye concerns. The creamy emulsion texture absorbs quickly while forming a protective barrier to trap moisture and key actives into the eye area. This hardworking eye cream maximally addresses the signs of tired eyes and protects against future damage. How to use: Apply in the evening to the eye area after cleansing by patting gently with your ring finger. Use once daily. 0.5 oz. Sulfate-free; paraben-free; artificial fragrance-free; dye-free Made in the USA

epi.logic Eye Contact Night Repair Cream, 0.5 oz.

From Bergdorf Goodman

Promotes eye-opening brightness and a firmer eye contour   Plumps and lifts fine lines and wrinkles   Supercharged with collagen-boosting vitamins and peptides How to Use: Apply to the upper and lower eyelid areas by patting gently with the ring finger. Nightly use. Active Ingredients: Time-release retinol + retinal Bioidentical collagen Peptides Alpha arbutin Vitamin C Squalane