MUTHAThe Everything Shower Set in Beauty: NA


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MUTHA The Everything Shower Set in Beauty: NA


MUTHA The Everything Shower Set in Beauty: NA The Everything Shower Set is designed to transform your shower routine into a spa-like experience that caters to your skin's every need. This comprehensive set is all about self-care, as it turns your shower from a regular step in your day into an indulgent, thoroughly pleasurable experience to help you glow both inside and out.. Includes: The Nudist Body Bar (150g) Mini Body Butter (1.7 fl oz) The Nudist Body Scrub Deodorant (1.7 fl oz) Body brush. Cruelty-free. MTHA-WU4. THE EVERYTHING SHOWER SET. About the designer: MUTHA is on a mission to nurture you. Founder Hope Smith couldn't find something she could trust to help prevent stretch marks to care of her then-pregnant body. So, she sourced the purest ingredients and made something herself. Other mothers quickly started asking for this magic potion and a personal obsession metamorphosed into a business. What was born in a kitchen in 2014 was more than a stretch mark cream, it was a desire to honor parenthood in a brand-new way. It was a desire to start a conversation about self-care physically and emotionally. About aligning our bodies to our mind and our mind to the world around us. It is with this approach that MUTHA expands into body & face care. MUTHA does the hard work so you don't have to.