AtkinsonsIcons Of The Realm Discovery Set 4 X 10ml

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Atkinsons Icons Of The Realm Discovery Set 4 X 10ml

From Harvey Nichols

It's not easy to bottle 200 years of fragrant history but this selection of four emblems of the Atkinsons universe comes tantalisingly close. From subtle notes of whisky, wood and leather to glorious warm and spicy concoctions, each of these invigorating and sophisticated scents oozes vitality, confidence and contemporary savoir-faire. They may have been created when the world moved at a different pace, but like a good wine or smoky whiskey, they only get better with age. It goes without saying that this vial Travel Set is a refined and self-assured homage to another time. Set contains: 24 Old Bond Street 10ml41 Burlington Arcade 10ml 44 Gerrard Street 10ml Triple Extract 10ml