Atkinsons44 Gerrard Street Eau De Cologne 100ml

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Atkinsons 44 Gerrard Street Eau De Cologne 100ml

From Harvey Nichols

A revelation of endlessly effortless chic and classic British flair, the cologne and bath Emblematic Collection tips its top hat to Atkinsons' first fragrance creation, the exceedingly English Eau de Cologne of 1800. Created by perfumer Mathieu Nardin, this charming eau de cologne celebrates 44 Gerrard street, the location of Atkinsons' first store and the birthplace of their enviable products and product ethics. It is a sophisticated, fresh fragrance that revises the classic cologne recipe and perfectly embodies Atkinsons' ongoing efforts to create sustainable and environmentally responsible products. The extraction of 44 Gerrard Street's fine ingredients relies on MANE's "Jungle Essence", a breakthrough extraction technology that is environmentally friendly and captures the pure scent of raw materials which can then be recreated at industrial production levels. An unconventional blend of invigorating eucalyptus, fresh green lemon and ginger essential oil at the top gives way to a flowery heart of refined jasmine, orchid and rose before a dry-down of orcanox, cashmere wood and musk rounds out this exceptional olfactive experience.