JeroboamFloro Extrait De Parfum 30ml

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Jeroboam Floro Extrait De Parfum 30ml

From Harvey Nichols

How often have you been "caught on the fly" by a flurry of flowers, a powerful distillation of surprising, radiant, and seriously seductive fruity notes? JEROBOAM's Floro Extrait de Parfum pays homage to flowers that - beyond their often all-too ephemeral beauty - emanate irresistibly fragrant promises and grants pride of place to the secret lures they use to entice or quite simply ensnare their quarry. Like a perfect storm, Floro is a rush of petals brimming with delectable, luscious notes of ripe fruit. A fluctuation of crisp and juicy facets that all but mask the generous, sensual, and creamy notes of sandalwood fortified by dry woods and musks with impressive lasting power.£333.33 per 100.00ml