Product Info

Erbaviva Belly Butter

From Nordstrom

What it is: The ultimate butter for protecting and pampering the belly during pregnancy.Who it's for: Ideal for all skin types.What it does: Combining the highly moisturizing properties of cocoa butter and the beneficial qualities of carrot seed oil, Erbaviva Organic Belly Butter is the ultimate in protecting and pampering the belly during pregnancy. Expertly formulated with enriching organic essential oils of lavender, mandarin, sandalwood and rose to reduce the effects of stretch marks and ease itchiness. A luxuriously rich butter that caresses the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and well-nourished. How to use: Apply the Belly Butter liberally over belly, breasts and thighs to keep the skin nourished and smooth. Recommended to use cream during the day and belly butter or stretch-mark oil at night. For extra stretch-mark prevention, you can layer on oil or butter first followed by the cream. 1.75 oz. Paraben- and sulfate-free Certified USDA Organic Cruelty-free Made in the USA